Bonifacio Center

It contains two of the earliest developments of Bonifacio Global City, The Fort Strip and Bonifacio High Street, which are also the major dining and retail districts and attractions in Bonifacio Global City.

Bonifacio High Street is an outdoor shopping stripe that also provides venues for outdoor events, big and small. In addition to events hosted by third parties, the management of Bonifacio Global City also organizes events to engage residents and visitors, such as outdoor playground every weekend during the summer months.

Bonifacio High Street

It is a kilometer-long retail and commercial complex at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. Bonifacio High Street is lined with food and apparel shops, and filled with interactive public art.

Location: 5th to 11th Avenues, BGC, The Fort, Taguig City

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The Fort Strip

A square lot at the south portion of Bonifacio Center district with various restaurants and clubs. 

Location: 28th Street, BGC, The Fort, Taguig City

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Newly Opened and Interesting Restaurants

There's always a new and interesting food establishment opening in The Fort. Be it local or international fare, fine dining or comfort food, you can find all them all here in The Fort.

While Frankie's opened a counter in SM Aura quite a while ago, this restaurant at Crossroads has been opened for about three months, and on a Saturday lunch time, it is fully packed. It sells wings at P349 per dozen. Apart from wings, the restaurant's menu has other western comfort food served in decent portion at an affordable price. For example, pastas are about P200 per order, a plate of nachos is only P120, and beer is cheap. For P280 you get 6 local beers.

The success of Frankie's has lit up the fighting spirit of its neighouring restaurant, Balkan, which is a restaurant that serves central European food. Balkan now offers buffalo wings at P339 per dozen, and no service charge.

We tried both shops, and found that, wing-wise,  both are as good in terms of size and taste. Frankie's Hickory BBQ sauce wings had a lot more sauce than Balkan's, but Balkan's wings are as tasty, and their free dipping enhanced the flavor of the wings. Balkan's wings come with a good portion of french fries. In terms of value, even though Frankie's drumettes were bigger than Balkan's, Balkan's has equally good flavor and good fries, at lower price. But Frankie's is way more popular than Balkan's because its interior is more casual and its other food items are more wallet-friendly. But if you want a quiet place to have good wings when Frankie's gets too crowded, Balkan's would be a good alternative.

2/F, Crossroads, 32nd Street, BGC, Taguig City

This burger joint first opened on May 29, 2017. It has a small menu, and prices are very competitive for the area. The basic burger, Kick Ass, costs P225. It has a thick patty, large slices of pickled cucumber, tomato, cheese and lettuce. We tried that and the Mighty Beast (P275), which has bacon in addition to the standard ingredients. The meat patty is coarse cut and pretty thick, and grilled in open fire. Both burgers were quite juicy when we sank our teeth into them. Unlike other burgers, the cheese they used was quite light and did not get in the way of the taste of the meat.  One can taste the charred meat flavor easily. The seating is quite basic, just wooden chairs. It is good burger at a pocket friendly price. 

In the central BGC area, we would go to either Pound or Raging Bull Burgers if we crave for a high quality burger. If we take into account seating comfort, Pound is a bit ahead of Raging Bull Burgers.

G/F Shangri la at the Fort, 30th Street, BGC, the Fort, Taguig City. Tel. (02) 8200888

BKK occupies the same location as what used to be Draft Gastropub. It serves artesan burgers designed by Chef Carlo Miguel, who also owns Black Olive Cerveceria, a Italian-Mediterranean restaurant in Capitol Commons. We tried their classic cheeseburger (P280) and found that the patty had good meat flavor, but the seasoning was on the salty side. Texturewise, the patty is quite smooth, there was no graininess. Some people like smooth patties, other prefer coarse-cut patties. We would give their burgers 3.5 stars out of 5.  Next time, we may try the same burger in steak style. We liked their bun because it was firmer than the usual burger buns. We were told it was Hokkaido milk bun.

Fort Entertainment Complex, BGC, Taguig City. Phone: 0917 893 4913

Wellness Centers

Our fast-paced lives here in The Fort may lead us to set aside our body and health. But not to worry because there are so many nearby wellness centers here in Fort Bonifacio that will help in our overall well-being. 

*Photo from yoga+ Express.

The Spa offers complete wellness and relaxation with its three brands: barre3, SKIN Dermatology & Laser Center and The Spa Wellness.

Location: B8, Bonifacio High Street, BGC, The Fort

Contact no.: 856 5858 / 856 6868

The Spa

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