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Originally came from Singapore's China Town. Their Soya Chicken Rice gained its Michelin Star, and now they are considered the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. Its signature soy chicken rice sells for P120 per order, while roasted pork is slightly more expensive. It also serves braised noodle with roasted pork or soy chicken.  This is currently the most popular stall in this food court, judging from the length of the line queuing up for its food at every lunch time.

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newbie commented 3 months ago
Its signature soy chicken is not bad, but of course not as good as the ones in Singapore. The chicken is overcooked a bit, but the sweet soy flavor is still good. It also has the flavored small soy beans that are not available in Filipino Chinese restaurants, and the Luo Han Guo drink that is uniquely Chinese.

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