Caravan Black Coffee

Caravan Black Coffee is a specialty coffee shop that also serves sandwiches, cookies and cocktails. Its contemporary design makes it a good place to chill. Read more about this cafe in our article.

Catch Caravan Black Coffee at the Ground Floor of Net Park, along 5th Avenue.

Grind Bistro

If you want a break from your usual burger and steak selections, then you better have a go at Grind Bistro, a new gourmet restaurant at Net Park. Husband and wife owners Steven and Cristina Carl have put together their unique ideas and came up with a menu that included Nutty Black Chicken, Popcorn Shrimp, and Gourmet Burger with foie gras. Grind Bistro also has a wide variety of beverages, salads and desserts.  Read more about this restaurant in our article on burgers.

Grind Bistro is located at Net Park along 4th and 5th Avenue in BGC. 

Passion by Gerard Dubois

Opened about two months ahead of Grind and Black Caravan, Passion Boulangerie, which serves French pastries, specialty breads, Danish, sandwiches and salads, is the latest venture of renowned Swiss pastry chef Gerard Dubois. Sourdough bread and Passion baguette are the stars of the menu. Passion’s branch in the Philippines is its sixth; the first five are located in Hong Kong and China.  We are very impressed by the range of pastries that it offers, and have included it in our list of noteworthy French eating places in the Fort. 

Find Passion by Gerard Dubois at the Ground Floor of Net Park, along 5th Avenue.

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