Believe it or not, there are restaurants opened on the second floor of this uncompleted mall. 

Naxional South American Diner

If it’s Latin American cuisine that you’re looking for, how about you try out newly opened Naxional South American Diner? Fill yourself up with some of the most well-known Brazilian dishes such as Pão de Queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), Black Angus Picanha, and no South American meal would be complete without Naxional Paella.

Naxional is located in the Second Level of Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio. 


This fine-dining restaurant is a product of Chef Kaye Torres’ training experiences in New York and Paris. Palate presents dishes that imbibe French Mediterranean cuisine. This new restaurant offers 3- or 5-course meals as well as alcoholic beverages and bar grub. 

Palate, located on the Second Floor of Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio, served pop singer Hailee Steinfield in April 2016.

Sweet Ecstasy

If you thought this is a dessert place, then you are mistaken. Sweet Ecstasy is a burger hub that takes pride in their pure beef patties that are ground daily. Have a taste of their burgers, wings, fries, onion rings and milkshakes in a laid back vibe that the restaurant exudes. 

Find Sweet Ecstasy at the Second Floor of Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio.

Pampas Latino Bistro and Bar

Another Latin American food joint has opened in Uptown Parade. Pampas Latin Bistro and Bar is a casual and fun restaurant that serves South American fare such as Porchetta  and Argentine Entrecote, and parades appetizer plates in a trolley around the establishment. 

Pampas Latino Bistro and Bar is located at the Ground Floor of Uptown Parade in Uptown Bonifacio.

Salvatore Cuomo Restaurant and Bar

Am-Phil Group of Companies brings Italian-Japanese chef Salvatore Cuomo’s namesake restaurant to the Philippine shores. Salvatore Cuomo, otherwise known as “The Pizza Man,” is known for perfecting the craft of making pizzas, one of which is his globally recognized Neapolitan pizza. So expect a mix of pasta, seafood, pizza, yakitori and sake. The restaurant is very spacious, and has an airy feel as a result of all the glass windows it has.

The huge Salvatore Cuomo Restaurant and Bar can be found in at the Ground Floor of Uptown Parade, Uptown Bonifacio.

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