Location3/F, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, Crescent Park West, The Fort, Taguig City
Telephone Number(02) 856 5800
Office Hours8AM-5PM (Mondays to Fridays)

Services offered
  • Provides frontline assistance and service to taxpayers
  • Pre-processes and encodes key information from returns/payment forms
  • Conducts field audit investigation of tax cases
  • Undertakes collection of taxes through summary remedies
  • Manages forfeited properties/acquired assets within the RDO's jurisdiction

Going to a BIR office is always like going to a police station, as you always worry that something bad is going to happen to you.  Did I miss a filing? Have I lost a copy of a receipt? Indeed, there are so many things that you could be in breach of, and thus be liable for some hefty unknown fine, that going to BIR is always an unpleasant experience. Fortunately, some improvements have been made to the BIR offices in recent years that we now can tell what is going on and what are the next steps for a taxpayer on basic tax matters. Simplified flow charts showing the steps to get a TIN for individuals and businesses are displayed in the BIR office. 

BIR has also introduced electronic tax filing. You can go to one of several sites, such as www.knowyourtaxes.ph, download their forms, fill them in, and upload them. So in theory at least, you may not have to go to an BIR office for a regular filing, which is a great relief. Not only will this saves time in making a trip, you no longer have to worry about misplacing a copy of the filing that you submitted because you now will have an electronic copy.

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Daryl Aray commented 1 year ago
bukas po ba bukas?

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