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  • 2/F, Crossroads Building, 32nd Street, The Fort, Taguig City.
  • (02) 403 8364 / (0917) 862 0075
  • Balkan

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Balkan, is a restaurant-Saloon that serves authentic Yugoslavian Cuisine. Currently there are no other restaurants in the Philippines that serve Yugoslavian food. Balkan started in 2001, although the cuisine is new to the Filipino taste buds, there are certain similarities with the local dishes. The Philippine diners quickly embraced Yugoslavian food. As the very nature of the food calls for paring with Alcoholic Drinks, and operates a full-service bar. The Interiors reflect a modern but authentic Balkan feel.

Balkan is not just a food establishment - it is a nostalgic experience intended to transport diners to the different cultures of the Balkan state. While the food we offer on the menu will be, at its core, all aspects of the restaurant, from the menu to the tables, to the bathroom and decor, are using nostalgic symbols and images from Balkan States. Our servers wear the national costume of the Balkans to emphasise the culture. Balkan is giving its diners the experience of eating, drinking and partying the Yugoslavian way.


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Price per Person: ₱600.00

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