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  • Ground Floor, Venice Pizza, McKinley Hill, The Fort
  • (02) 926-1176, (0977) 806 3153
  • Filipino

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Alab serves dishes from different regions in the Philippines. It has a modern and sophisticated interior design.

Alab Restaurant says:

  • Alab Restaurant is under the umbrella of Moderne Group of Restos Inc.

  • Currently, there are three branches: Tomas Morato, UP Town Center in Katipunan and we have now newly open branch here in Grand Canal Mckinley.

  • The new direction of Alab Restaurant and its tindeli are directed towards being the melting pot of the best flavors and different dishes from across the regions.

  • To find the best, the group wants to find and invite chefs from various places, whether the bustling city or the far flung barrio, in which these heirloom recipes can be featured in Alab’s events.

  • Along with the new direction, the new face of Alab Restaurant is now Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, also a co-owner of the brand.

  • The pillars behind Moderne Group of Restos Inc. are, Cherry Pie Picache, and her partners Joel Fernando of JB Music and JB Sports and Christine del Castillo of Moderne Culinaire Academy.

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    Price per Person: ₱450.00

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