Combining the Luxury of BGC Condo living + Privacy of your own room + low cost condo sharing!
Brand New Two Storey condo unit converted into 5 bedrooms / Sleep Pod units.
Walking distance to offices like SunLife, NetLima, etc.

Inclusive of
2 inverter Air-condition
2 Water Heater
Basic Kitchen Appliances (Refrigerator & Microwave)
Bed Mattress
Lap Table
More Cabinets

Male Tenant
1 tenant / pod

Price: Starts at 11K per month / pod
Premium Pod also available at 12K
Lease Term: Minimum of 1 Year
Payment Term: 2 months advance 2 months deposit and 10 PDC's

"Electricity & Water bill shared by Pod Mates"

For inquires please contact this number 0917-823-2612. 

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