Air-Mazing Race 2017 is an event that aims to promote awareness of clean air related issues in the society.

Here's what you need to know:

1. There will be a maximum of 12 teams with 3 members each, who will be students and/or residents between 12 to 15 years old from schools and residential buildings in Fort Bonifacio. 

2. The competition is for teams to find a number of designated places (“stops”) as fast as possible.

3. Each team will be required to answer questions and/or accomplish physical challenges in order to get the clues for the location of the next stop. The questions will be related to issues relevant to air quality. All stops will be located within Bonifacio Global City.

4. The team to reach the last stop in the shortest time (after accounting for penalty, if any) will be the winner.

5. There is no joining fee required from the schools and participants.

6. Each team is recommended to have at least one (1) smartphone that is equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) and has good Internet connection during the race, as some of the clues to a stop and some questions may require access to Internet. But it must be noted that only ONE smartphone is allowed to be used at any one time and participants are not allowed to use the smartphone or other means to communicate with anyone except in emergency cases.

7. Cash prizes will be given to the top three (3) teams (P5,000 for the winning team, P2,000 and P1,000 for 2nd and 3rd place teams, respectively).

8. All team members must reach a stop together before a team can proceed to the next stop.

9. During the race, all teams must observe road safety rules. Any member found not following road safety rules may cause the disqualification of the whole team. The top rules are: pedestrian crossing must be used, and traffic lights must be obeyed. Minor infractions can incur a penalty of an additional sixty (60) seconds to a team’s race time.

10. During the race, volunteers will be assigned to monitor each team to check for compliance with road safety rules and watch out for hazardous conditions for the teams.

11. Parents and/or guardians of the participants are not allowed to follow the teams during the race. A meeting place will be set where parents can wait for their kids after the race. The meeting place will be announced at the day of the event. 

12. There will be no rest stop or break time during the race. Participants who need to take toilet breaks may do so, but no adjustment will be made to the team’s race time.

13. While we will do our best to ensure the safety of the participants during the race, we cannot foresee all circumstances and should not be held responsible for incidents that are outside of our control. We will therefore require each team member and his/her parent to sign a waiver before they can take part in the competition.

14. The winning teams will be decided by the management of The decision will be final and will not subject to appeal.

The above information will be updated from time to time without notice.

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Join us on April 29, 2017 for an awesome Air-Mazing Race

The complete and detailed set of rules will be provided to registered participants.