This October is probably the quietest October that we have experienced in the Philippines. As the second 'Ber' month, malls at this time of the year would normally be seeing heavy traffic from early Christmas shoppers. Some of us may feel a bit anxious about the situation.

Don't be. Things may not be going great, but they are improving. Maybe a lot of shopping is happening online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but retailers in malls are not giving up. They are offering enticing sales left and right.

Some of them are already shown on our What's Happening section, like these: 

The full list of events and sales can be found in www.TheFortCity.com/events.


GCQ 2.0: Tips for Eating Out Safely

We share with you some of our insights on how to eat out safely, even as we stay alert on the threat of COVID-19.

Online shopping has flourished during the pandemic, and maybe will continue to do so after the pandemic ends. In addition to giving you tips on shopping wisely online, we introduce some new ways to shop online, such as by shopping together as a group. Well, it is not a new idea, but with the support of technology, it has become easier. Read the full article here.
Whether you want to join others to get good deals, or have items that need to be sold in bulk, you will find CoShopNow.com a useful tool.

Snapshots of BGC
--In early October, we spotted a Drive-Through COVID-19 testing center at 9th Avenue. It is run by a company called Save Point.

-- Limited Christmas decoration
So far, we have seen Christmas decoration outside a couple of commercial buildings. There is still time for more buildings to put up theirs.

-- More bike racks have been installed around BGC
And the authorities have replaced the defunct pedestrian crossing lights at 30th Street near Shangri-La at the Fort Hotel. Hooray!

-- New intersection at Lawton Avenue is open
Vehicular trips from BGC to McKinley Hill area have shortened a little with the recent opening of the new intersection, but traffic light is not yet in place.

Photo above: cars can drive across Lawton Avenue from McKinley West to access Venice Piazza and Venice Grand Canal Mall.


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