Event Details
  • Enderun Colleges, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Sep 19, 2020 - Oct 03, 2020

Photo above and information below are provided by event organizer verbatim.

V2R events corporation will be hosting an online convention in partnership with Enderun Colleges. This event will be held at the amphitheater at Enderun Colleges which will be held on September 22 2020, from 1pm to 5pm in 2 weeks duration. We will have multiple speakers and sponsors showcasing their individual talents / products. We also aim to promote different cuisines from around the Philippines, to increase awareness of guests to the diversity of Filipino food. There shall also be a great focus on sustainability, it will have a significant impact on society and shall work in tandem with the event. We hope to achieve a memorable event that promotes not only the cuisine of the Philippines but also increased awareness of sustainability. We hope to achieve a memorable event in these trying times of pandemic. 

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