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  • Jul 20, 2019

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It has been said that a child's first teacher is his/her mother. No other person knows her child - learning abilities, strengths, temperament, and even the littlest things about the child - better than a mother does. 

While the mom is the first teacher, the home becomes the child's first school. A playground, adventure zone, an encouraging learning haven for the child. It is in the home where many of the firsts and countless milestones are discovered and nurtured. A place where learning unfolds and character flourishes. 

On July 20, 2019, we are thrilled to announce a second workshop to our Teacher Mom series that specifically discusses Montessori learning at home + Homeschooling with two teacher moms who will bountifully share their expertise and know-how about Montessori practices at home and Homeschooling young kids. 

Whether you're a new mom, a  seasoned one, homeschooling and Montessori curious mom, aspiring teacher mom, a new dad, a care provider, a family member who's desire is to help in teaching a child, a teacher by profession, or plainly anyone who would well benefit from this workshop, join us in learning about Montessori principles at Home and Homeschooling for kids ages 6 and below as we dive into these topics. 

Montessori at Home 

by Diane Angping-Chin

Developing an independent child

1. Creativity

2. Honesty 

3. Respect

4. Responsibility 

5. Independence 

6. Sensitivity towards others

7. Order

Establishing a prepared environment

1. Prepared adult 

2. Prepared environment 

- Bedroom

- Kitchen 

- Bathroom

- Common areas 

- Study room

Homeschooling for young children

by Ivy San Diego-Guerrero

1. Integrating multiple teaching styles to your homeschool

2. Different homeschool methods

3. Equipping yourself for homeschool

4. Establishing a homeschool routine or schedule.

Learn, meet, and engage with fellow teacher moms and parents. It's going to be an afternoon filled with learning and building a community of teacher moms.

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