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  • Jul 13, 2019
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Now, more than ever, the world needs each of us to step up and be our most heroic: to be the kindest, wisest, most compassionate, most resilient, most courageous that we can be.  

Mutants & Marvels is a creative nonfiction workshop that helps free the hero within us. Through the practice of writing and truth-telling, we will learn what “Earth’s mightiest” have come to know: that what others see as “crazy” is most likely our courage, that what makes us “weird” is often what makes us wise, and that what makes us a “mutant” is exactly what makes us a marvel. 


Workshop schedule:

Batch 1     12-17 years old    JULY 13-14      4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Batch 2    12-17 years old    JULY 20-21      4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Batch 2    18 yo & above      JULY 27-28      4:00 PM - 6:00 PM 

Workshop fee: P7,500

*Maximum of 12 slots per batch

TO REGISTER, email contact@tweetsering.com

VISIT tweetsering.com


This is the 2-day version of the 3-month writing program at Singapore School Manila. Through this weekend course, the student is introduced to the concepts and practices of the 3-month MUTANTS & MARVELS program. 

Writing, through journaling and the personal essay, is used as the tool for leading students through the Hero’s journey – also known as the creative process, or the steps from idea generation all the way to its completion. In this journey, students discover both their strengths and their weakness - their light and their darkness – as they learn to work with both rather than working against either. 


Teenhood is when each of us is becoming an individual.  It is when we discover that we have thoughts, ideas, feelings, experiences, inclinations, tendencies, tastes that aren’t exactly shared by the people around us, not even by our closest friends and family. We begin to feel different from others – a discovery can be very unsettling, scary, even painful. 

And so this is when the war with ourselves beings – when we start thinking and believing that, just because we’re different, we’re not good enough, that there must be something wrong with us. We begin to seriously doubt ourselves and become our own worst critic, enemy, villain. As a result, we become unhappy, unproductive and, in worst cases, harmful to ourselves and to others. 

MUTANTS and MARVELS brings this war out of the mind and body of the teenager - it turns the blank page into the battlefield, makes written words the weapon and ends the internal war, transforming oneself into one’s own superhero. 


None of us ever outgrow our teenage self (it is a delusion that we do), but with some tools, we learn to live with it better and to more successfully harness the gifts of the eternal teenager that lives within each of us.  


Tweet Sering is the Palanca Award-winning playwright of THE TUESDAY CLUB and the bestselling author of the novel WANDER GIRL and the memoir ASTIGIRL, both finalists at the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards. 

At age 16, she (along with her sister and three friends) wrote fan mail to her writing hero, Tom Schulman, screenwriter of DEAD POETS SOCIETY, the movie that "changed her life.” He wrote back and sent a copy of the final draft of his Oscar-winning screenplay as a gift. Thirteen years later, her first screenplay INGLESERA is a finalist at the Film Development Foundation of the Philippines’ Scriptwriting Contest.

That early experience of the power of affirmation by a professional writer/storyteller in shaping a creative life inspired her to work with teenagers. She crafted and taught a pilot journal writing class for high school (that included differently abled students) at Reach International School; the journal entries were then published into the book THERE'S SOMETHING YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT ME. 

She has been conducting writing workshops for teens and adults for the past 13 years. 

Her essay, "The Luckiest Girl in the World," appears in Anvil Publishing’s forthcoming textbook on creative nonfiction for senior high school, LIFE-WRITING: CRAFTING A KNOWLEDGE OF SELF. Her third book is out in August 2019. 

A former advertising copywriter, television creative, magazine editor and nonprofit organization worker – among many incarnations – she is currently at work on her first feature film. She is a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Wonder Woman and the Dark Knight trilogy. 

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