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  • Ecotower, 32nd Street, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Sep 19, 2019

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Welcome to another iteration of the longest running, most active, and your girlfriend's favorite dev meetup in the Philippines!

Want to give a talk on something you want to share with the crowd or just looking to show off? Send us a message to be added to the schedule!




- Jerryco Alaba

[ BackEnd Developer @ AMAGI ]

*Talk:* "Functional Programming with JavaScript"

About: "A brief introduction to the Functional Programming Paradigm and How we can write clean and effective JavaScript code using the functional approach."

- Alyssa Alvarez

[ Front-End Engineer @ AMAGI ]

Talk: "Opti-meow-zing React's Purrformance"

About: "An overview of various techniques and tools to improve the performance of React."

- Mac Ignacio

[ Creator of MayaJS ]

Talk: "MayaJS"

About: "An introduction to MayaJS; a simple NodeJS framework."

Bring a friend and questions and share with everyone else you know. You want a certificate? Feel free to make your own. We're bringing you international-level speakers and knowledge you can't get anywhere else, so make sure to thank our sponsors!

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