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  • Mulberry Door, Burgos Circle, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Nov 04, 2019
    Dec 02, 2019

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Welcome to FREE LunchIn meetings in BGC Philippines

General info - (Local info & meetings further down)

LunchIn Philippines is a part of the Global FREE LunchIn social network https://lunchintra.net/ with over 400 groups worldwide. In 2018 2,500 LunchIn meetings with a total of 40,000 LunchIn:ers was held worldwide.

LunchIn™ differs from other organized networking meetings because the meetings themselves are "spontaneous-organized" and they are inclusive offline internetworking meetings for everyone. People meet and talk with other people about anything and everything. The value of just letting things happen is immense. You never know who is "there", what interesting discussions arise and most of all, what relations are to be initiated. Relations are business, partnership, and friendships. Direct and referred. Eventbrite ticket is optional. Showing up is your ticket. Look for the L.

The freedom to come when you want to / without obligation to attend gives more relaxed networkers, no risk of someone being elsewhere in thought, no one who is there "just" because it's compulsory and because they've put a lot of money into membership.

LunchIn membership will ALWAYS be FREE of charge for members. The only cost is your own lunch and the time you invest. Join LunchIn for lunch, networking, philosophizing, discussing contemplating and evolve. LunchIn is like a LinkedIn, but offline.

EVERYONE is welcome.

Wherever you are.

Whoever you are.

When you can/want.

For free, the only cost is the food you eat.


LunchIn Philippines Groups.

Bonifacio Global City https://lunchintra.net/groups/bonifacio-global-city/

Bonifacio Global City group meet 12.00 PM - 1.00 PM every 1st Monday of the month at Mulberry Door, 8 Forbestown Road, 1634 Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City https://goo.gl/maps/Uubn98nLX2bqqgd28

LunchIn Philippines Facebook group and chat. http://bit.ly/LunchIn-Philippines

Please join the online groups at LunchIn and Facebook to get the best updates.

You can also find our LunchIn-meetings in our LunchIn Philippines Facebook group under the Events tab.

The ambassador (or "helper") for each location/group is responsible for posting Philippine LunchIn-meetings for his/her location in the Facebook group. In Facebook, please do Q&A and post for each event under the event page for each event. To start a new LunchIn group/location in the Philippines or elsewhere, please contact grouprequest@lunchin.net first.

Some rules:

Be nice to each other.

Bring your best smile (and friends) to the meetings.

General issues, discussions Q&A, etc goes to the main wall of the group.

For each event issues, discussions Q&A in the Facebook group, etc goes to the wall of that event.

Asking or offering contacts for work or business relations is OK.

Refrain from "hard selling" at the meetings.

If there is no #LunchIn group in your area yet and you want to start one and be an ambassador, please contact grouprequest@lunchin.net to set it up.

Enjoy your LunchIn's.

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