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  • BGC, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Mar 26, 2020 - Mar 26, 2020

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March 26, 2020 I 9:00 - 10:30 PM

Via Facebook Live in Fhmoms Page

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9:00 - 9:30 PM: Technologies in Virtual Learning for Kids

by Sergio O. Ramos III

9:30 - 10:00 PM:  3 FREE Ways to Conduct Virtual Classes + Tips on Getting your Students Engage by Charlyn Awing

10:00 - 10:30 PM: Q&A 



Serge is the President at PCI Innovations Tech Center. PCI Tech aspires to be at the forefront of elevating the quality of education in the Philippines. Championing e-learning as a tool to supplement the education system in the country, PCI takes a bold stride forward to hoist the standard of education for every Filipino.


Charlyn June a.k.a Mother Ant is a website copywriter and freelance writing coach to busy moms, corporate employees, and entrepreneurs. In the past 2 years, she has challenged her teaching skills by mentoring her clients virtually using Teachable, Zoom, and Facebook features. Discover tips from her personal journey as she shares how you can start teaching online using free platforms. She will also be sharing tips on how you can keep your audience engaged so that you can deliver your message effectively without getting them bored.



Christine is a Digital Marketing and Administrative Virtual Assistant since 2017. She spent 13 years of her career working in the call center industry, handling various roles. She’s also a licensed Secondary Education Teacher but was never able to practice that profession in the regular school set-up, hence used that profession as a Process Trainer in the corporate world. To date, she’s the General Virtual Assistance Trainer of the FHMoms Online University which is under the FHMoms Community. And that became her medium in helping the mothers of the community and aspiring Virtual Assistants to get a client and get started with their freelancing career.

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