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  • International School Manila (ISM), Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Jan 19, 2019 - Jan 20, 2019

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International School Manila is inviting you to a 2-day weekend workshop with Social Thinking founder and consultant, Michelle Garcia Winner.

Join us as we learn more than 20 Social Thinking strategies and three core treatment frameworks to guide students, clients, and patients to better attend, interpret, problem solve and respond to social information. Help individuals 1) observe and respond to situations based on the context and determine the “expected” behaviors of each sitauation, 2) learn core Social Thinking Vocabulary and concepts to encourage social-communicative competence, and 3) discover strategies for teaching self-regulation, executive functioning, emotional understanding, and theory of mind/perspective taking. Work in teams to develop lesson plans to implement new strategies in the home, clinic, or classroom the very next day. The last part of this day we will discuss how to utilize the Social Thinking Methodology in all aspects of the school experience; across the day and across grade levels. (ages 5–young adult)

Desired Outcomes:

  • How to identify your students’ social strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strategies to help individuals build awareness of social situations and figure out the hidden social rules.

  • Four assessment tasks to explore how individuals interpret and respond to socially based information in real time as part of Social Thinking’s Informal Dynamic Assessment.

  • How the Social-Emotional Chain Reaction can be taught and analyzed in the classroom, clinic, or home using Social Behavior Maps.

  • How to use the Friendship Pyramid to help your students learn the difference between being friendly and being a friend.

  • How to identify and teach specific aspects of face-to-face communication to help develop treatment planning—with video case-study support.

Target Audience: (Suggested) Teachers, Counselors, and Speech and Language Pathologists

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