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  • Fort Legend Tower, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Jul 17, 2019

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This training is for those who already have an thorough knowledge of MS Excel and want to really know the lesser known functions that are gems in dealing with data that is messy and lacks pattern-- or so it seems.

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The Advanced MS Excel course will level up your skill in order to efficiently process data in the spreadsheet. This course goes beyond INDEX and MATCH!  Know how to mix OFFSET, INDIRECT, ROW, COLUMN, and Arrays-- the super powerful functions of MS Excel!

Who is this for?  For those who find VLOOKUP as kindergarten, and find INDEX and MATCH as basic but still need to know the other functions that can solve many lookup problems.

Who should not join this course YET? Those who do not have a full grasp of INDEX and MATCH.  Or those who already know OFFSET and INDIRECT, together with ROW and COLUMN, and arrays.

Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, Excel 2016, Excel 2019


1. Bring own laptop

2. Lunch NOT included due to venue restrictions-- there are many food establishments nearby during lunch time.

3. Handouts and certificate will be given

I.  Review of Advanced Excel Functions

Advanced Text Functions

   i.Using TRIM and LEN

   ii.Using SUBSTITUTE

Advanced Logical Statement

   i.Creating Nested and Series IFs

  ii.Using AND and OR

Advanced Lookup Functions

   i.INDEX Function

   ii.MATCH Function

   iii.Combining INDEX and MATCH

II. Tactical Formulas

  A. Expert-Level Lookup Functions

      i. OFFSET and INDIRECT Functions

        a. Using INDIRECT in Data Validation

        b. Using INDIRECT to get Data from Sheets

        c. Using OFFSET for Non-Uniform Data

     ii. ROW and COLUMN Functions

  B. Array Formulas

     i. Shortening Formulas with Array Formulas

    ii. Array Functions

     iii. Creating Advanced Array Formulas

  C. Advanced Formula Techniques

     i. Enhancing Patterns in Values

     ii. Harnessing the Optional Arguments of Functions

     iii. Reflexive Formulas


III. Dynamic Charts

     A. Dynamic Charts with OFFSET

     B. Dynamic Charts with INDIRECT

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