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  • Shangri-La at the Fort, Manila, 5th Avenue, Taguig, Metro Manila, Philippines
  • Sep 12, 2019 - Sep 13, 2019

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DRIVING HUMAN CAPITAL AND CORPORATE INNOVATION IN THE DIGITAL AGE “The Future of HR in Asia" For the past decade, digital innovation creates a huge impact on organizational development. Corporations are moving towards massive digital transformation. Multinational Companies and SMEs are adopting change and implementing technology innovation through Artificial Intelligence, Automation, IoT and Robotics. But it requires strong leadership and will to change the culture. 

The role of HR is crucial to the process of change and implementation. 

HR Leaders and other business professionals need to embrace the new solution, smart methodologies and a wide variety of organizational transformation. 

Content & Topics

The Future of HR needs continues learning, adaptation and transformation. 

Fundamental of HR transformation

Building HR leaders during HR and Organization transformation

Identifying the challenges of HR transformation and recovery in emerging market

HR transformation & Change and recovery model to reinforce management strategies 

Merging the Digital & Technology-driven talent as an opportunity to transform business

Why do we need to focus on the strategic use of technology in HR Operation?

Adapting continues to change and enables different training methods for career growth

Optimising the usage of Technology in monitoring employees’ information

Improving the success rate during the identification, talent acquisition and talent development

Redesigning job scopes to develop employees’ multi-discipline skills set 

Utilising the web, mobile technology, social media, and online platforms for fast talent acquisition

Measuring KPIs and injecting new process for HR digital transformation during the implementation

Identifying strategy, initiative and system during HR & Organization transformation from a holistic point of view

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