Posted By: site_admin - 7 months ago

Building Bulletin Boards are for residents of BGC and McKinley Hill to share information with residents of the same building, or, if they choose to, to all community members of this website, provided that they are registered on this website as residents of that particular building.

To register as a building resident on this website, you must first register as a member of this website.

Then, click your user name on the top menu bar, and click "My Account".

On "My Account" page, check either "I live in the Fort" or "I live and work in the Fort" if you are a resident of a building located in either BGC or McKinley Hill, and select the building that you reside in from the drop down menu.

Once your registration is approved, you can start to view or post on the bulletin board of your building. You can choose for your post to be visible only to the residents of your building, or to all community members of this website. 

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