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Where else can you eat lobster from a street stall but in Fort Bonifacio? A new food stall opened in Fort Strip two weeks ago (mid April) and its name is "Lobster Station". Is it just a name, like 'rocket room', or it really sells lobster? That was the question that I wanted answered when I approached the stall this evening.

Lobster Station is located in the Fort Strip, facing a parking lot. It has three tables outside the box-shaped kitchen.

When I was there at around 6pm. I was the only customer. I checked out the simple menu, and found out that indeed, it had lobster on its menu! The top billed item was lobster roll, at P590 per order. Other lobster named dishes are: lobster fried/pried rice P150 per order, and lobster grilled panini P550.

I ordered the lobster roll, because it showed  a big lobster claw. I wanted to find out if indeed I would get a lobster claw, in case I could not tell how a lobster tastes like.

The kitchen is very simple. It was run by its owner and an assistant. He heated up a bread roll, put some butter on it, and then stuffed the bun with lobster meat. The order was served with coleslaw and potato chips.

The million peso question: how does it taste? It tasted lobstery, Very yummy. You may not want to spend nearly P600 on a sandwich, but it tastes so good that once you have tried it, you are hooked. According to the owner, the lobster was from Boston. I did not expect to get imported lobster, but then again, I did not think there would be really a street stall that sells lobster. 

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It was all about love and grandeur at that moment. No spooky surprises whatsoever. Just pure great food and ambiance at Kitchen’s Best.

The place is somewhat decked with the color red. Crystal chandeliers, white regal chairs, and gold details make this place grand and fit for a royalty. Amidst all those Halloween decors, their desserts and pastries still stay as the centerpiece. Now on to their sumptuous dishes!
My meal of choice was their Baked Salmon Florentine which came with this very flavorful rice. I don’t know if it was just me but the rice was smooth. Lying on a bed of spinach, the baked salmon was creamy topped with some herbs that paired well with the rice. It was a good thing that the spinach was there to balance out the dish’s creaminess. Overall, this was one good creamy dish!

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Really hungry and craving for some sumptuous meals? The Hungry Hound might just be the answer. Their dishes are really luscious that will fill one’s starving tummy.

Upon entering the place, it does feel like a pub but a very well-lit and classy one. They have these interesting light fixtures over by the bar, and eclectic pieces on their wall cabinets.

It really was a “oh-my-goodness-this-is-so-friggin-good” moment for me when I bit into one of the fries. Aside from the duck fat, their Duck Fat Fries had pimenton dulce, rosemary, garlic confit, and parmesan shavings. After having one bite, I’m sure that you’ll be back for more once you’ve tasted this. It’s quite tangy which was probably because of the paprika.

Hungry for more of this article? I am! Check out the full article HERE on my blog. Go and get ready, set, CHOMP! :) 

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I'm a night owl. I find it hard to sleep at night and I usually end up ordering food at 2am or even 5am. And then I thought, what would a a nighttime snack run in Bonifacio Global City go about like. 

One midweek night, I decided to traverse a portion of The Fort. I started at 9pm from SM Aura. I had to do a quick errand at Power Mac and then I tried to look for the perfect appetizer.

SM Aura

I love buffalo wings. I think it’s the perfect companion to an alcoholic drink and at the same time, it can be eaten with or without rice. It’s the first time I tried the wings from Frankie’s and upon looking at the simple menu, I knew that I had to try garlic parmesan coated buffalo wings.

It took some time before the order arrived, but it was definitely worth it. I ordered half a dozen of wings, but I wasn’t sure if I will be able to finish it. The wings were coated with thick garlic sauce and heavily sprinkled with parmesan. The initial taste was overpowering but the moment you bite your teeth into the white meat, the overall taste balances it out.

At that time, I wasn’t sure if I would still be able to eat two more dishes, but since I made it a point to walk to my next destination, I thought the short distance would build up my appetite.

½ dozen of Buffalo wings P188

Luna Breakfast and Coffee

This was actually an unexpected stopover. I was saving coffee and desserts after a rice meal. But when I went inside the small café along Bonifacio Hugh Street, I knew that I could make time for a quick dessert and just eat the supposed rice meal after.

I wanted to try and grab their coffee, but knowing my body, I knew that if I drank even a milliliter, I would not be able to sleep a wink later. I decided on the Pastillas cupcake and the Leche yema.

Initially I thought the serving was too small and does not justify the bill that I racked up for two modestly looking desserts. But upon taking my first bite, I knew that it would take some time for someone to finish off the small sweets. The sweet pastillas and yema base of the desserts are surprisingly small in such small dessert place. It took a while for me to clean my plate of all the crumbs because both the desserts are too ssweet.

You see, Luna Café is this rustic looking place. Half the price you pay is probably the ambience. I could really see myself enjoying a cup of coffee and a small plate of dessert with a book soon (I plan on treating myself in the future). I might have raised an eyebrow at first for the price, but I think the desserts that I ordered are meant to be consumed for a little longer than it took me to devour them.
Leche Yema P65 ; Pastillas Cupcake P100

Shawarma Bro’s

The last time I had their shawarma, it was served to me from a food truck. I was really curious about what it would feel like to eat a meal from their own place. By the time that I put the metal plate on the table, I smelled that it was the familiar taste that I was craving for. I ordered a Beef Shawarma Rice meal with garlic and cheese (yes, my two favorite) sauce with vegetables on the side.

What I loved about this meal was the rice. It was cooked fresh, so it tasted warm and delicious. The meat was a little tough, but bearable. I found the dressing a bit too bland, not like the taste I remember, but still familiar, which was definitely a plus. I found this stop as the most comfortable. The restaurant exuded this chill vibe where I felt people coming from drinking could recover. And why wouldn’t they? Warm food and some meat will probably help hungover people get their feet back on the ground in no time.
Beef Shawarma Rice P179


Frankie's Wings at SM Aura

Frankie's Wings is located on 4th floor of SM Aura. It is opening a shop in Crossroads, 32nd Street.

Luna's pastillas cupcake and the leche yema

Luna Cafe in Bonifacio High Street 

If you have craving for shawarma while in the Fort, go to Shawarma Bros in Stopover Pavilion

Shawarma on a plate