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It was the second time that I went to a book launch, and even though I did not know anything about her work before I went, I stayed for more than an hour. That was because the author, Marjorie Liu, was a very engaging speaker in addition to being a good story teller. She is the author of an award winning comic book series called Monstress, as well as several Marvel X-men stories, and she became the first woman to win the comic book industry’s top prize for writers last December.

Photo above: fans lined up to ask Marjorie Liu questions at the book launch.

At the book launch held at Fully Booked BGC, Liu was very eloquent, and very honest in her replies to questions, so it was nice to listen to her talk, and easy to be moved by what she said. 

I will be honest as well. The reason that I went to the book launch was because I was curious about her. She is a successful writer that looked very western, yet has a Chinese family name. When Liu explained about her creative journey, having a mixed blood was actually one of the driving forces that made her want to write. She said that growing up, there were not many stories or pop culture that had mixed blood characters. She felt excluded. So she decided to tell stories in her own way.

Photo above: a fan gave her a neck cushion that has a cover made for her book, Monstress.

She said that her grandmother went through a lot of hardship during World War II, yet her grandmother could still talk about the events that occurred with a smile, and that really had an impact on her. I could relate to that a little, since my grand parents also had to leave China during that time and their stories always fascinated me since the environment then was so different from what I live in.

She was able to explain in a few sentences how she built the characters in her books and comics. Basically, she had the characters in her head, as if these were real people, and then figured out how they would respond in a particular situation.

Before I met her, I disliked comics that had a lot of sex and violence. After meeting her, I still do not like this genre of comics, but at least now I do not wish the authors of such comics any bad luck, because meeting Liu made me realize that they could be likeable and decent people, even though the violence and sex they wrote in a media that is mainly suitable for kids repulses me.

In fact, I liked her talk so much that I bought a poster for her book and had her signed it. The beautiful art work of her book, done by an artist called Sana Takeda, is also a nice discovery of my going to her book launch. 


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