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Attend one of Fully Booked’s workshops of course. Signing up was an impulsive decision, but I really was looking for something to do that day anyway so I went.

The best part, upon entering the third floor of Fully Booked’s workshop area, was when I saw that we were only 12 students that day, I knew that I was bound to learn something because the teacher can focus on her students. The bad thing was other students would know that I suck since they will hear everything.

I was the first one to arrive and the table assigned to me was already arranged with art materials ready to be used. I was glad that they provided us with brushes, watercolors and paper since I would’ve probably bought the wrong things if they didn’t. I didn’t know the brands or even the watercolor types, apparently, they were plenty!

We started a bit later than scheduled because some of the students were late. But in no time, we were discussing the different techniques in watercolor painting and the brush stroke types. We were given plenty of papers to play with where we had to paint on boxes with the different techniques. We were encouraged to use different colors to see how the paint behaves in water and paper. I got the hang of it, but of course, I was also told that I was painting on the completely wrong side of the paper, the whole time! Apparently, I was painting on the smooth side, and we were supposed to paint on the rough side of the paper—which definitely makes a difference to the behavior of the paint and water! I had to catch up after I realized my mistake.

And then we proceeded with painting an apple. Simple enough right? I mean what could be harder than painting a fruit that requires only one color, red, and maybe a brown for the twig? Wrong. Apparently, we can use yellow, white and even brown on the apple itself. We were also told not to paint the whole apple and leave some dry areas for the “lighter part.”

I was thankful at the teacher and how she kept the pace steady. She would visit me from time to time and check if I was keeping up. Everyone in the class had their own experience with art, oil painting, and even sculpting, and I was the only student who had no prior experience or whatsoever with a paint brush other than the one you can find in Adobe Photoshop.

In no time, we were painting a vase with a flower on it. The flower, at least I know how to draw and paint, the vase was completely new however. How do you exactly make a translucent material without white paint? This, we learned, was trial and error with the brown, blue, and water. I had to go through different mixes before I got the color that I wanted, and by the time I came up for air, everyone else was drawing a breakfast table. Darn it.

It was, by far, the most complicated thing to do. We were handed a photo each, it was a photo of a table with many breakfast meals and with so much color that I knew would take me more than a day to finish with my pace. Thankfully, the teacher told us that it will really take us some time to finish that painting to it will be a take home work. We were given the basic colors on what to use each meal, but the teacher told us to explore the mixtures ourselves, that way, not only will we get the hang of watercolor painting, we might also be able to discover different color mixtures we can use on our own someday.

I’ve been painting since July. I’ve bought many papers, but from time to time, I get stuck and put everything away, out of my sight. But I really think that I did learn a thing or two, and I’m glad that I did sign up for that workshop. I’m not ready to show anyone my recent works, but I think I can pat and tell myself that I’ve improved from painting on the wrong side of the paper, at least!

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