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On an early Saturday morning, a group of residents of Bonifacio Global City met up in front of the fountain at Serendra Piazza. A couple of group members had an app called The Clan Race downloaded, and they found the race that they were looking for. It was called BGC Art Walk #2

The group had done BGC Art Walk #1 a few weeks ago, so they were not totally strangers to how the app works. After getting the first challenge, they started walking around Serendra Piazza to count the objects named in the challenge. They keyed in the answer. It was wrong. Undeterred, they counted again, and they got the answer correct, and got the clue to the next stop.

It was a group with diverse background and age, but nothing stopped them from enjoying each other's company. They worked together as a team to look for the places described in the clue, and even the 5-year old helped in counting objects and keying in the answers!

Some technical issues were encountered during the walk, so members had to linger in a place a little bit longer to wait for the next clue to arrive. That just gave us more time to get to know one another!

The walking group, led by Ms. Marianna, met through a local community organization called EQUIP@BGC that brings together the residents of Bonifacio Global City in community building activities. I feel fortunate that there are such civic minded groups in my neighborhood so that I can benefit from such healthy activities and get to know my neighbors at the same time.

Marianna organizes the walk for BGC residents once a month. If interested, please contact her at anna.price2008@gmail.com.

To know more about the app used for the fun walks, visit www.ClanRace.com.


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