In the past Christmas, we would get ingredients for our Christmas meals from the supermarkets, or just eat out. This Christmas, we had more time to think about better ingredients, and also to look for alternative suppliers of the ingredients, to make this pandemic-affected Christmas more positive, in the good sense (vs. the COVID-19 test result sense).

Greens with no pesticides

We chanced upon a company (CityGreens.PH) that grows hydroponic vegetables in Pasig City, and they offer free deliveries on certain days to BGC. We tried them a few times, and found that the quality of their greens are consistently good, so we ordered several of them for our Christmas and New Year meals.

We made salad with their sun flower shoots, by blanching them quickly and tossing them with a vinaigrette. Their kale is served in a similar way, while the baby tomatoes were eaten raw. Bokchoy was stir-fried with a little garlic.

Photo above : Sunflower shoots

Photo above: Cherry tomatoes

Clash of the Steaks

We wanted to get some quality red meat to make the meals special for the season's celebration. And since we have not been going out that much due to the restrictions made necessary by the pandemic, we were ready to splurge. But in the end, we did not. 

Honestly, we did not realize that finding a good steak is such a laborious process. Or educational. Before, a steak was just a big slab of red meat, and the only way to tell the quality was by checking the price. Well, this is still true, but at least now we know a little about the why. First, there is the cut. Rib eye, for example, is more tender than striploin, for example. Then there are the grades.

Photo above : USDA choice steak.

Almar of Legit Steak Company, a company that specializes in USDA prime ribs and Australian Meltique steaks advises me that USDA certified steaks have three major grades of rib eye steaks : Prime, Choice, and Select. Prime is the highest grade because it has the highest level of marbling (fat deposited between the muscle tissues), Choice has less marbling and is the most widely available, while Select grade steak is very lean and not very juicy. Marbling is good for steak because it makes it juicy, and more flavorful, as oil stores flavor.

This new knowledge made us look at stickers in a butcher shop or supermarkets with a new eye. We do not glaze over them, but zero in on a specific grade of meat, and compare the price across shops. We got a frozen USDA Prime Rib from Legit Steaks for our Christmas dinner.

Photo above: Prime rib eye from Legit Steak

Photo above: our USDA prime steak

Getting a high grade steak makes it easy to have a great Christmas dinner, as you do not have to be a chef to make it taste delicious!


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