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Every year, there is a February 14, which is named Valentine's Day by the commercial establishments, and on that day and weeks before it, the media will bombard the public with love messages, telling every one to show love to their loved ones. Movies of lovey dovey couples are the only options you can find in cinemas.

If you are happy to be on your own, you may probably just be a little annoyed at the lack of entertainment options or the double-down nagging of friends and relatives during that time. If you are single but wish you were not, then it could be stressful. 

Luckily, there are organizations that organize events for singles, so that they can have some fun, or even find a partner, in the so called Love Month. Last February 15, a Singles Valentines Masquerade Party was organized in Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio. 

According to the organizer, Singles Events Manila, almost 80 single professionals in their 20s and 30s participated in the event. Free-flowing drinks and snacks were made available by their sponsors.

Two singles from the event were also awarded with Php 15,000 worth of gift certificate each from a gym. 

The 3-hour event, which started with fun getting-to-know you activities followed by active games, ended with a romantic slow dance with some singles mounting love-locks with their new found love interest in designated places at Venice Piazza. 

A masquerade party is a great format for singles' parties. It is less awkward, and you can pay more attention to the other attributes of the prospects, such as personality or manner, instead of being focused on the appearance.

If there are singles events in Fort Bonifacio, you can find them in the "What's Happening" section of this website. If you want to join gatherings for single professionals or go on private  blind dates, either in Fort Bonifacio or outside, you may visit SINGLES EVENTS MANILA on Facebook and Instagram or email them at singleseventsmanila@gmail.com. 


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