Things to do in BGC this Easter

Published on: Mar 28, 2018
A wide range of activities will be held in Bonifacio Global City to suit everyone's needs over this Easter holiday.

Living in North Bonifacio in 2018

Published on: Mar 21, 2018
A large number of residential units are recently completed in North Bonifacio. What is it like living in this new neighborhood?

New Year in Fort Bonifacio

Published on: Jan 02, 2018
We spent the New Year at The Fort, and here's a run down of all the excitement!

Medical Clinics in Fort Bonifacio

Published on: Oct 12, 2017
In need of a doctor? Here is a comprehensive list of clinics in and near Fort Bonifacio

Warriors That Wear Lipstick

Published on: Sep 20, 2017
They called their merchants "weekend warriors", and their event The Weekend Habit.

Get Fit: 3 Hi-Tech Sports Clinics in The Fort

Published on: Aug 16, 2017
Get to know these state-of-the-art physical health centers in Fort Bonifacio!

Makers Faire at The Mind Museum

Published on: Jun 16, 2017
It was a playground for people who like to make things or are into gadgets.

5 Quick Pet Care Tips for Any Season

Published on: May 30, 2017
Even before your pets get sick, it would be best to take appropriate preventive measures.

Pumped up in Ascott BGC

Published on: May 24, 2017
An event for fitness professionals that actually very informative for any one who wants to keep fit.

The Ultimate Indulgence

Published on: May 12, 2017
Be it a treat for yourself or your loved ones, this article is your starting point for ultimate indulgence.