More Grocery Options in BGC

Published on: Jan 12, 2022
No need to scramble for vegetables any more.

Ways to Go Green in BGC

Published on: Apr 12, 2021
Long term ill effect of our actions on the environment needs a change in our behavior.

Where to get COVID-19 antigen tests in BGC

Published on: Jan 02, 2021
Some travel destinations in the Philippines require visitors to take antigen tests.

GCQ 2.0: Tips for Eating Out Safely

Published on: Sep 28, 2020
How do we eat out safely under the pandemic? Here are some tips.

How the pandemic reshapes the resto landscape in BGC

Published on: Aug 31, 2020
The pandemic has changed the resto scene in BGC quite a bit.

GCQ in the Fort starting June 1

Published on: Jun 10, 2020
GCQ is less restrictive than ECQ. How close is it to the old normal, and the new normal?

First Days of MECQ in the Fort

Published on: May 21, 2020
When we transit from ECQ to GCQ, what does the in-between state look like here in the Fort?

COVID-19 testing in the Fort

Published on: May 14, 2020
Short of a vaccine, the best way out of the COVID-19 crisis seems to be Test, Trace, Isolate and Repeat.

Community spirit soars during COVID-19

Published on: Apr 15, 2020
During the COVID-19 lockdown, neighborhood communities come together to help each other.

Videos of The Fort that you should not miss

Published on: Jan 27, 2020
These are videos of places that we do not usually have access to.