[Update: the BGC authorities have made arrangement with EasyTrip toll company to set up a tent at a parking lot near Citi Plaza in BGC to install their RFID for NLEX, SCTEX and CAVITEX toll roads on Monday November 23, from 9am to 4pm. There will be limited slots for walk-in residents.]

It seems so sudden. Maybe the move to cashless toll ways was announced long time ago, but because of the quarantine, people had postponed going to get the stickers or RFID needed to use the toll ways until now, when the authorities are about to remove all cashiers from the toll booths. 

Easytrip RFID is used for paying for the tolls at NLEX, SCTEX, CAVITEX, CALAX and C5 Link. AutoSweep RFID, meanwhile, is offered by a different company for use on SLEX, SKYWAY, NAIAX, STARTOLL, TPLEX, and MCX..

We found that there are several ways for those living in the Fort to get EasyTrip RFID.

(1) SM Aura Premier Mall

SM Malls have partnered with EasyTrip to offer the sale of their RFID chips in SM Aura on certain dates.

We went to SM Aura on October 29, but found the line was too long. One residents told us that she had "Lined up at sm aura yesterday for 1.5hours for the easytrip. Cost is php210".

The next time that you can get Easytrip RFID in SM Aura is November 13 to 15.

2. Go to EasyTrip offices

We checked the website of EasyTrip, and found that we can go to their offices, the nearest ones are the ones at C5. [Update mid November: EasyTrip RFID installation needs to be prebooked. Appointments can be made on their website.]

We suspect that there will be long lines at or near the implementation of the cashless scheme, so be prepared to spend some time.

3. Order it from some dude

One BGC resident informed us that he ordered his EasyTrip RFID from some guy.

"I got my Easy trip deliverd home & I will be the one to install at my own time. You can txt & ask this celfon # 09563473879- Chris Chin- Easy Trip."


900php each and it has 500 initial load balance.


Payment first no cancellation. We also ship&deliver +handling fee. Ship via lbc door to door."

We have not tried it, mostly because we do not know why, if this is an official seller, the company does not announce it to the public. Our suspicion is that these sellers bought all the RFID on sale online when the toll road company allowed self installation of the RFID, and resell them for profit.

4. BGC authorities to partner with EasyTrip

The BGC authorities are trying to bring the EasyTrip RFID purchase arrangement to BGC. They are inviting residents to fill in a form to indicate interest. As of today, we do not know yet if this will push through. You can inquire about it by emailing info@bgc.com.ph.

5. Get your property management office to make arrangement with EasyTrip

One residential complex in BGC managed to have EasyTrip come to their door. A tent was set up outside the complex on November 19 to install RFID for the residents. 

So these are the means of getting Easytrip as far as we know. We know that Easytrip used to sell the RFID through Shopee as well at P500, but the stock ran out in late October. We hope they will bring back online sale soon, so that we do not have to run around and spend hours in line to get the RFID.

What about AutoSweep?

According to their website, their RFID is available at toll gates at C5 as well as NAIAX. From the map, the nearest place to get their RFID is Petron Station outside Dasmarinas Village (EDSA), and the next nearest is at at their customer service office at Nichols Toll Plaza, S Luzon Expy, Pasay, Metro Manila. 

Photo above is taken from government website https://trb.gov.ph/faqs/rfid-installation-sites.html

A BGC resident went to Petron Dasmarinas Village on Oct 31, 2020 and said that they got theirs within one hour.

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