The best way to wind down after a busy week, for most people, is to share a drink or two with friends or family in a nice place. If you happen to like wine, cheese, and Italian cold cuts, then you should definitely check out this event held at the swanky High Street Lounge at Shangri-La at the Fort. For a fixed price, you get to drink as much wine and snacks that they offer between 8pm and 10:30pm.

This event, called "Wine Away with Me", is held at High Street Lounge in Shangri-La at the Fort on the last Friday of each month. Unlike a wine tasting event, there will not be presentation on wine appreciation or wine pairing. For those who are worried that the event would be too formal because it is about wine, you would be relieved to find that this event is as casual as a family dinner. When we went there last Friday night, we saw the place filled with groups of families or friends at each table, chatting and joking as if they were at home. Many people wore casual clothes like polo shirts and slacks, instead of formal wear. 

Also, unlike a cocktail event, patrons can get their own table instead of having to stand around and feel obliged to talk to strangers. Indeed, those who came expecting it to be an event to mingle with other wine aficionados could be disappointed, as most people went there to spend time with their own friends or family.

The event is a place to wine away with friends or family

The wine

Spread across two tables, the wine at the event was grouped by their origin. One table was dedicated to French wine, another to Italian and Spanish wine and Argentinian wine. Red wines were put on the table, while white wine bottles were chilled in a large bowl. We were told that the wine offering changes every event, so you can find something different each time you go there. Altogether, there were about 30 to 40 different wines to choose from. Empty glasses were laid out on the table, so you just have to help yourself to them, pouring as much or as little you like.

Most of the wine on offer was made with more than one type of grapes, so they have names that are not easily recognizable, such as Colombelle Rouge (60 percent Merlot, 20 percent Tannat and 20 percent Carbernet), Negre Seleccio (40 percent Tempranillo, 30 percent Granacha, 30 percent Monastrell).

While no presentation was given, there were a couple of wine experts at hand to explain about the origin of the wine and to answer questions about wine. 

The event has unlimited supply of a small selection of chorizo, salami and prosciutto

The food

The event is held from 8pm to 10:30pm, so they do not want you to think of it as dinner. But if you like cured cold cut like prosciutto and salami, then you can probably have your dinner there because there is no limit to how much you eat. Plus, they serve a variety of freshly baked bread including French baguette and sourdoughs.

They also have a dozen of exotic cheeses that you can enjoy. The cheese that were offered to us last Friday have names that you will not find in regular supermarkets: Brun de noix, Valencay, Manchego, Mahon, to name a few.

There were about a dozen of exotic cheeses to choose from.


P2,500++ per head, an attractive price considering you can have unlimited wine in a five-star hotel.

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