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We all know that Filipinos love meat, and there are many delicious Filipino meat dishes. But sometimes we crave for something that we are not used to, yet tasty. Western food, like American burgers or Italian pizza, may not work anymore since these cuisines have been in the Philippines for a long time, and they are everywhere. When that special craving happens, and you are in Fort Bonifacio, you should try out Balkan restaurant located on the second floor of the Crossroads Bulilding along 32nd Street.

Balkan is a region in the Southeastern European region that covers countries like (the former Yugoslavian states of) Serbia, Bosnia  and Croatia. Those of us who are old enough to have watched news in the 1990s probably knew about these countries through reports about their bloody wars in that decade. Eating in Balkan restaurant tells us that these countries have moved past those days and actually have a lot more to offer to the outside world other than a history of conflicts.

Balkan meat dishes are made of beef, lamb and pork. These meat are often minced and made into sausages or patties, and seasoned with garlic, pepper, and a little paprika or cayenne. The cooking method of choice is grilling, but with a twist. The texture of meat that you will try there is not just like grilled burger steak, but there is a chewiness and cohesion to it. From our research, it seems that the secret ingredient is baking soda, but we have no confirmation from any one.

Balkan restaurant was founded by Serbian brothers Marko and Martin Batricevic so we can be sure that the food served there is genuinely Balkan, with a leaning towards Serbian cuisine.

It would be a mistake to think that its cuisine is dominated by meat. In fact, one of the most famous dishes offered by Balkan is called Sarma and are cabbage rolls stuffed with minced beef. 

But one cannot go to Balkan restaurant without trying the Serbian national dishes of Cevapcici (a signature Serbian dish made from ground beef), Kobasica (home made pork sausage) and the Stuffed Pljeskavica (ground beef steak stuffed with mozzarella).

Photo above: Cevapcici Platter with mashed potatoes (P370)

And if you like lamb, you will find your kitchen in Balkan. They have roasted lamb and boiled lamb. Mind you, as can be seen from the menu shot below, these dishes are for sharing with a lot of people and require advanced ordering. If you eat there by yourself, you can try their lamb chop (P680), or their hearty lamb soup (P180) consumed with Serbian flatbread called Lepinja (P40).

Balkan is also a bar, so you can bring your officemates there after work to wind down with some beer, and try their food at the same time.

Balkan restaurant proves that in Fort Bonifacio, you'll be able to chance upon dishes from around the world that will surprise your taste buds. Stay tuned to TheFortCity.com for more in-depth features on unique restaurants in The Fort.

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Contact Balkan:

Contact number: 403 8364

Location: 2nd Floor, Crossroads Building, 32nd Street, BGC, The Fort, Taguig City (see map here)

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commented 5 years ago
I live so near! Will put this on my must try list!

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