(Update: this restaurant was closed in early 2016. We are keeping it for nostalgic purpose.)

While there are a few restaurants that specialize in organic food in Fort Bonifacio, the latest entrant, Adaam & Yves Organic Bistro at Icon Plaza, 25th Street, stands out with both its menu and interior design. It serves not just healthy food, but fine-dining healthy food, combining a diverse range of ingredients in innovative ways that work. The creativity may be attributable to its young owner, 25 years old Sean Go. 

The interior design of Adaam & Yves, on the other hand, invokes the fictional characters Jekyll and Hyde, which are often used to describe a situation where two completely opposite personalities exist in one person. While the restaurant banners healthy food, the interior design on the ground floor is that of a naughty night club, with dark walls and dim lights, and chairs that are secured by long metal chains. 

No wonder when we visited there for lunch, the place was very quiet. There was an Indian business man who came in to look at the place while his wife and daughter waited outside. After looking around, he decided to take them somewhere else. Maybe he will come back in the evening when he is by himself. We can imagine the place to be packed at night with people who come here for a drink after work. 

We ordered Joyeux Noel (P295), which means merry Christmas in French (you don't say). According to the menu, it contains poached egg, chicken sausage, asparagus and mixed green. We did not know that means the dish was a salad, as we thought the chicken sausage would come in just hot from a skillet or something. We were mistaken. The chicken sauage came in chopped pieces, and it was a cold dish. Apart from that, we liked the dish, because the cooking was good and the ingredients were fresh.

We also had Roul No. 1 (P375), which is a play on the word Roul as in Rule, we guess. It is chicken roulade served with mashed sweet potato ("A roulade is a dish of filled rolled meat or pastry", wikipedia). Again, the cooking was superb. We loved every bit of it. The dish looked good, tasted divine, and very healthy.

For dessert, we had Adaam's Apple (P275). It was supposed to be a simple apple pie. That did not turn out so great. The whole wheat crust was tough as a chopping board, and there was not much apple. 

The service was attentive, and relatively speedy, but then we were the only table there. They need to use their tea pots more carefully, though. The glass teapot had a spout that was too steep, and hot tea spilled out of the teapot onto a customer's pants.

Will we go back again? We think so. The cooking is good, and the price is quite reasonable for that quality of cooking and ingredients.

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