This is going to be one of the Philippines' main tourist attractions. The Philippines does not have something that serves as an Effel Tower for the tourists, or an observation tower that exists in many other cities, but now, it has The Peak.

Located at the 60 to 62nd floor of the 318 meter tall Grand Hyatt Manila building, the Peak is consisted of a bar, a music lounge and a grill. It is nearly as high off the ground as the third level of the Effel Tower, the highest level of the tower accessible to the public.

The Peak only opened in November 2018, so it was very new when we visited it on December 6. It was an impulse visit, and we did not book ahead, so when we arrived at the hotel at 6pm, its opening hour, we were told that the grill was fully booked for the first round, and the second round would only started at 9:45pm. We asked if we could visit the Peak Bar, but were told that kids are not allowed into the bar and we had a few kids with us.

Luckily, one of the families in our group had a helper. So the kids stayed at the grand kitchen at the second floor, while the adults were able to go to the Peak Bar to check out the view and had a drink.

The lift going to the 60th floor was very stable and fast. We got to the 60th without even realizing it.

Indoor area of the Peak Bar

Photo above : The Peak Bar has two floors and several outdoor areas. This is the lower floor's outdoor area.

We ordered several cocktails at around P400 each, similar to the price charged at other 5-star hotel in the vicinity. At the same time, it does not have a very intersting cocktail menu at the moment.

Photo above: one of the several outdoor areas on the upper floor of the Peak Bar. Each outdoor area has a different seating configuration. You can even take a photo of the massive signage of Metrobank which stands immediately above one of the outdoor areas.

Photo above: the whisky bar

On the upper floor of the Peak, there is a whisky bar. Not shown in this photo is a long wooden table that can seat about twenty people.

The whisky bar has several sitting areas, many offer a spectacular view of Metro Manila.

Photo above: one of the private function rooms adjacent to the Whisky Bar. Its concept is a penthouse living space, and it certainly looks very homely.

The Peak also has a lounge area, and live music starts at around 9pm. Too bad it was a weekday when we visited and the kids need to go to bed early.

Photo above: kitchen of the grill room.

We missed the chance of eating at the grill room, and we certainly liked the ambience and the views offered by the Peak, so we will definitely return some day to try the grill room.

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