These cafes are located in the lobby of office buildings, so you probably are not aware of their existence unless you have business dealings in the building. We list below only those that have places to sit, not just coffee stalls.

Dean and Deluca, ORE Central

This cafe is from New York, but the menu actually contains popular Taiwanese milk drinks called boba, like those sold in Tiger Sugar. The full shop is supposed to have a herbal garden, but right now, only the cafe portion is open. Apart from drinks, it also serves some pastries, cookies and cakes.

Highlands Coffee, Arthaland Century

6 AM to 10PM, Mon to Fri

Its signature drink is Vietnamese coffee. It does not have a big sitting area, just 2 small tables, but often the seats are available.

Kuppa, Accralaw

6 AM to 6 PM, Mon to Fri

This is a small outlet of the Kuppa Roastery at Ecommerce Building at 4th Avenue. We particularly like their nutcracker espresso drink. Their pastry and cookies are not bad also. They now even offer packed lunch at P150.

Breadery, Citi Plaza

The Breadery has received some bad reviews online for slow service and some food items. But the pastry that we saw looked delicious. We just did not have time to line up. The sitting area has about 4 small tables.

Change of scenery

Most of these cafe only open during weekdays, and closed on Saturday and Sunday.  But still, if you want to experience something different from a regular cafe, and enjoy watching people in a business setting, try these cafes.

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