If you are an alcohol enthusiast, you would probably wish you were there. On October 11, 2018, TheFortCity.com was invited to the press launch of Whisky Live Manila 2018, the largest annual whisky event in the Philippines. It was conveniently held at The Brewery at the Palace, Uptown, BGC, a sister company of the organizer of Whisky Live Manila.

Photo: Whisky tasting is an integral part of the Whisky Live Manila event. Here, the media was treated to some whiskys and snacks.

We were offered different whiskys to sample. One was a single malt scotch that was lightly peated and finished in Tuscan red wine cask. The second one was a 27 years old single grain whisky. Yet another one was a 28 years old blended scotch. After sniffing and sipping each whisky, we realized that there are many differences between them. Some had a smokey smell and earthy flavor, while our favorite was one that had a light floral fragrance and mild sweetness.

Not only did we get to taste several top scottish whiskys, we were also educated by an expert on whisky. Mr. Johnssen Li, President of Grand Cru Wines and Spirits, Inc., who is the organizer of the annual Whisky Live Manila event, gave us important pointers in whisky appreciation, such as the differences between Scottish and US whiskys (the ingredients used and the process that they underwent), the importance of the material used for the cask in which a whisky is matured, and the meaning of some common whisky terms.

Photo: The shape of the whisky glass is very conducive in bringing up the smell of the whisky vapour.

As in previous years, Whisky Live Manila will have a large number of whisky and other liquor exhibitors (over 42 booths). In addition, there will be master classes to help whisky enthusiasts learn more or acquire more advanced skills about whisky, including one workshop on how to blend whiskys. There will also be cocktail competition which will pitch hospitality schools against one another in the search of the best whisky cocktails.

Whisky Live Manila is on its third year running, and will be held at Shangri-la at the Fort from Nov 9 to Nov 10, 2018. For tickets, log on to whiskylive.com or whiskylive.ph, or visit https://www.facebook.com/WhiskyLiveManila/

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