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Special days are days that we earmark to show our appreciation for people who make sacrifices for us. Many Filipinos migrate or work abroad with the hope of finding a brighter future for their families. According to the latest survey of Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) in 2015, the total number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) was 2,343,692. In Saudia Arabia alone, 913,958 OFWs are currently deployed.  The coming Father's day on June 18 is a good opportunity for family members to say 'thank you' to fathers that go abroad for their families.

Passengers in queue. Photo courtesy of Marvin Germo

We at TheFortCity.com recently asked citizens around the Fort about their plans on this Father's Day, such as where and what activities would they want to bring their dads to on this special day. Since the Fort is a place where many unique restaurants are located, and it also has amenities such as parks, upscale cinemas and new malls where families can spend fun time exploring together, it is an ideal destination for the coming celebration.

Of all the respondents, one story caught our attention. Mrs. Jacquilyn Simbulan, wife of an OFW, wanted to treat her husband to a fancy dinner for their post-Father's Day celebration. Her husband will arrive in the Philippines a week after Father's Day. He currently works as an OFW in Saudi Arabia and has been doing that for more than two decades already.

Simbulan family. Photo courtesy of Mrs. Jacquilyn Simbulan

According to Jacquilyn, they got married at a very young age. The couple is on their 31st year of being together and is blessed with three beautiful daughters. Jacquilyn wants her husband to retire as soon as their youngest daughter finishes college.

Like many other families with members working abroad as an OFW, she wishes her husband a fruitful retirement after sacrificing much of his life to provide for his family. This Father's Day, we at TheFortCity.com in partnership with Grind Bistro will help the Simbulan family celebrate Father's Day in a small way by giving them a gift certificate.

Pillar of strength

Another respondent to our questionnaire is Vernice Viriña, who lives with her family in a condominium in McKinley Hill. Her dad, Allan Viriña, is an executive of a company located in Pasig. Here is her response to our questions:

Kindly describe your father.

My dad is workaholic but still he remains to be a funny dad. He usually throws jokes that's not even FUNNY! HAHAHAHA!

Why do you think your dad deserves the best?

I think my dad deserves the best because he works hard for us and he always gives me the best things that I could have.

He is also very supportive. For example, if I have an activity in school or outside school he will change his schedule at work just to be there and support me. 

If you can take him out to celebrate this coming Father's Day in any place you want at The Fort, where would you take him and what activities would you like to do together?

I want to take my dad to celebrate Father's Day in Namoo House in Uptown Bonifacio because he always tells us that he wants to eat in a Korean restaurant in which you could cook your own food, but we always disappoint him because we always choose to eat in Italian or Filipino restaurants. 

The activities we want to do are watching movies in 3D or 4D cinema in Bonifacio High Street because my dad hasn't experience watching in a 3D or 4D cinema, and give him a massage because he is always stressed at work so I think it's time for him to get a relaxing massage. 

In a few words, what would you like to say to your dad?

The only thing that I could say to my dad is thank you for everything, thank you for having a father like you. You've sacrifice so much to provide for our family. I love you Papa! Mwa! 

Vernice Viriña and her dad, Allan Viriña

Thank you Vernice for sharing your tribute to your dad with us. The love that you have for your dad is truly heart warming. TheFortCity.com wishes not only the Simbulan and Viriña families but all of the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day!

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