Any body who has visited Fort Bonifacio will probably agree that it is a nice place to live compared to a lot of places in Metro Manila: it has wide sidewalk, traffic is relatively orderly, there is presence of law enforcers almost every where, buildings are new and clean looking and so on. So some of you may be surprised to learn that when an opinion survey of residents of Fort Bonifacio was done in 2013, many negative comments were received. 

If one looks at the background of the survey, the result will not seem so surprising. The survey was conducted by two residents in Fort Bonifacio who came from developed countries and bought properties here expecting to find something that matches the quality of life of a developed country, probably because of all the marketing materials that were presented to them in the early years of the development of Fort Bonifacio. Indeed, the promise of a high quality of life was what drew many investors and residents to Fort Bonifacio.

It would be obvious to state that they must like some aspects of living in Fort Bonifacio because they are still living here. At the same time, they must have been sufficiently dissatisfied about other aspects of the place that they bothered to take the personal time and energy to conduct a survey to see how others felt about the quality of life in Fort Bonifacio also. Such surveys are a good means to ascertain the major areas of concern of the those affected, so that there can be broadbased support to make changes for the better.

We are presenting the survey results here because we feel that, as residents of a place, we need to contribute at least our views on how we think about it so that we have a chance of making it better. If we do not say, let alone do something, about problems that we see, then we cannot expect any solution to come. Once we figure out what the majority of people wants, we can find ways to make things happen. This survey, if anything, should trigger some discussion among us residents about what we feel about this place that we live in. Hopefully, some of us will be motivated by the study and follow the footstep of a few of the residents here and start doing something to make Fort Bonifacio a place that meet the standard that was marketed to investors in its early days.

We would like to thank Mr. Michael Keppler for letting us reproduce contents of the survey for this article.

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Emil commented 5 years ago
This is an interesting. It would be good to re-assess in 2016 how things have progressed, regressed or stayed the same. My feeling is on policing/security the situation remain unchanged, on green space and environmental quality and traffic, the situation have become worse in 3 years. Feedback process--done honestly and periodically--is an essential tool for effective city management.

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