Manila Mini Makers Faire held on June 10 and 11, 2017 at the Mind Museum was a playground for people who like to make things or are into gadgets.

What did we find there? here are some highlights:

1.Electronic Musical instruments made from scrap. Musiko. One device displayed was a metal sculpture that incorporates motion sensors and nobs to select different electronic sounds, so that when you move your hand over it, selected sound is produced.

Another device was made from a broken radio and scrap pieces of metal. When you touch one piece of metal, and beat another piece of metal with your finger, a circuit is made and electricity flows through your body and a sound is made by the speaker of the radio. By touching the metal pieces in different ways, you could produce different sounds.

2. Star war robots made by R2-D2 Builders Club, an international club of Star War enthusiasts. The two robots brought to the event had a lot of bells and whistles. They could turn their head, they could move around by remote control, and make sounds when approached. Pretty cool!  The club does not sell the robot. Members build their own Astromech Droid.

3. Instructions and parts to make a 4D pet that can detect your presence and have facial expressions with digital displays were provided by 4D Systems Philippines at the event.

Pet robot that can be programmed to give you different responses when you are near.

4.Sumo robots that could fight each other. It was like a real life version of what was shown in the movie called Real Steel.

5. A variety of games provided by Makerspace MNL as well as instructions to kids by volunteers that show kids how to make a fan from rubber bands and plastic bottle,  a projectile from aluminium foil. Build mini robots. Runs workshops for schools, and many more.

6. P.E.T. Amorphosis -The radiant transfiguration of plastic, was an exhibtion of items made from disposed plastics. Much thoughts and skills were put into the items displayed.

7. Hover board, well, sort of. Even though there was no live demonstration, the prototype and the video showing the hover board in use was interesting enough for many people to visit their booth.

Hover board and the video demo.

Other interesting displays include:

- How to put together a digital watch. They provided information on where to get the parts and what you could do to customize your watch. You only need to have a knowledge in a programming language that every computer science student has learned to do..

- How to put up a weather station at home. FabLab Philippines brought to the event kits for making a station that measures room temperature, humidity, air pressure and other things in a location which you could access through internet.

- FabLab also showcased a new product they made. Called Hushtag, it could be used to help you track your pet using your cell phone..

- vending machine, electronic piggybank, wi-fi vending machines were displayed by Eureka! Innovation.

- Customised drone for advertising and fun. A company had several drones customized to look like dragons, and flew them at the venue. They also made a drone that could carry an advertising banner, and flew it like a kite.

- 3D printers

- wooden boards that can be made into either a table, or chair or many other things.

- fun or functional items made from electronic circuits.

- demonstrations by Thud Rumble of electronic sound mixing like a disc jockey. 

- instructions on how to make a solar lamp from a solar panel and plastic bottles by, a non-profit making organization that aims to help remote villages get lights.

The event was at times eye opening, and at time mind stimulating, and most of the time, it was fun. We are grateful to the sponsors of this very educational event for making this a free event for all.

Get a feel of the action by watch this video:

and the drone race

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