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It's not always a sunny day for our pet's health. Sometimes, they tend to pick up viruses that end up as illnesses. And when that unfortunate time comes into any pet lover's life, it can be depressing. So even before your pets get sick, it would be best to take appropriate preventive measures. We asked The Fort citizens, and here are the quick tips that we garnered from them to keep your pets healthy not just this summer but all year round:

1. Give them plenty of water

We're feeling the extreme heat this summer, and no doubt our pets are feeling it, too. So keeping them hydrated is a must. Make sure to have a water bowl near them always. Pro tip: Dogs with darker coats absorb more heat than those with lighter coats. 

Dogs are energetic when they are properly hydrated.

2. Give them a balanced and nutritious diet

Make sure to feed your pets proper food that are suited for their breed, size and special needs. Ask your vet for proper recommendations on your pet's diet. One of our Doggies' Day Out 2016 participants tipped us that they make sure to stick to only one brand of dog food. 

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3. Exercise your pet

Take regular walks either early in the morning or at night to avoid the scorching heat during the day. Don't forget to bring a water bottle every time you go out. Aside from keeping them active, exercising prevents pets from being obese, which comes with health risks such as diabetes and cancer. 

These furry pals might have gotten tired from strolling and exercising in the mall. 

4. Visit the vet regularly

Whether your pet is in tip-top shape or not, taking regular trips to the vet should always be on top of your list. This is what our Doggies' Day Out 2016 participants and probably most pet owners will agree upon. Better have them checked for any signs of health problems so they can be sidestepped or prevented altogether. 

5. Give them high-quality health care products

Your pets deserve the best care that you could offer. So it's just right to give them top-quality health care products. Well, good news, because Merial Philippines gives you just that. They distribute top-of-the-line vaccines against different viruses (Eurican®L, Pneumodog, Primodog, Recombitek C6), as well as external and internal parasites (Frontline®, NexGard®Heartgard® Plus). One of our Doggies' Day Out 2016 participants swears by NexGard® as tick treatment for her 10 dogs. Find out where you can get Merial Philippines products by visiting their Facebook page

Frontline® PlusNexGard® and Heartgard® are some of Merial's best-selling products. 

Having a pet is a lifetime commitment and not just a fad that comes and goes. So make sure that you're up to the responsibility of having one. Take care of your pets well and surely they will love you many times over. 

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