BGC New Year Parties

To welcome the arrival of 2019, the BGC authorities organized a New Year countdown party at 5th Avenue. Similar to the event held last year at 7th Avenue and BGC amphitheater, it had a large cylinrical countdown clock made from digital screens, and a big stage for the performances.

It had a stellar line-up of pop singers who started entertaining the crowd from 7pm onwards until well after midnight.

Unfortunately, the weather was not cooperative. It rained continuously and discouraged some people who would otherwise have come out to enjoy the party. 

The event had a very tight security. Since 3pm, people passing through the area, including those who just wanted to go to Central Square, had to be screened by security. Boards listing the do's and don'ts of participants were displayed outside the venue.

We were not able to get near the stage because we did not have tickets, but the screens and speakers allowed people outside the VIP area to enjoy the show as well. Perhaps as a result of the rain, the venue was not too crowded.


At midnight, after the countdown reached zero, fireworks went off at several places in the Fort, notably at 7th Avenue's BGC party, as well as at the rooftop of Seda Hotel BGC, at the other end of Bonifacio High Street.

The best location to see both of these fireworks was at 9th Avenue and Bonifacio High Street, as well as 7th Avenue. Many people had their cameras and cellphone cameras ready at these locations before midnight.

There was no firework at Uptown at midnight, but we were told that there would be fireworks at the Island at the Palace, which is where the Pool Club used to be, at 2am. Unfortunately, we did not stay up that late to find out.

Even though it did not have fireworks at midnight, Uptown was still a nice place to spend New Year Eve, as there were nice food stalls operating along Uptown Parade, and the place was well decorated with festive lighting.

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