Nearly every town in the Philippines has a town fiesta. Passionfest may be regarded as the town fiesta for BGC residents. Organised by Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, Passionfest is held in November each year. 

This year's BGC Passionfest was held from Nov 24 to 26. There was a multitude of activities, such as Bungee Bungee, Aqua Ball, Bambikes, workshops and performances, and of course, the Passionfest Parade, which was held at 3pm on Nov 26. Participants of the parade included community organizations like E.Q.U.I.P@B.G.C., local businesses, brass bands, street dance groups, and local authorities.

A local community group, E.Q.U.I.P.@BGC gathered residents to take part in the parade.

According to the organizer, Fort Bonifacio Development Corporation, BGC Passionfest 2017 was themed “FestivAll in Seasons,” to make BGCitizens experience Summer, Winter, Fall and Spring in the street of lost clock – Bonifacio High Street. Summer had fun activities like Bungee Bungee, Aquaball, Mural and Face Painting; Winter was about performances and shows which featured The Mind Museum, Make Up Factory and Haribon concert; Fall was about arts and crafty workshops and Spring had the Gourmand Market with healthy cooking demos.

Brass bands and dance troupes were there to entertain the crowd.

There were several floats prepared by a local construction company.

Apart from the parade, the festival has many outdoor activities, such as trampoline jump with a harness by Bungee Bungee, obstacle course, bouncy castle and so on. There were also workshops and exhibitions by environmental group Haribon Foundation.

Bungee Bungee entertained many daring kids.

Bouncy castle was getting ready for the visitors.

A non-government organization that promotes environmental protection, Haribon Foundation, was there to present exhibits and host workshops.

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