(Update August 2018: Some Designated Smoking Areas (DSA) have been moved / removed. See end of this article)

(Taguig City published an article about this matter on May 31, 2018. The article contains contact info for reporting offenders.)

In early 2018, we posted on our Facebook page about the Taguig City's new law on anti-smoking, and received many inquiries. If you cannot find the official online copy of the law, we have reproduced the hard copy that we received from Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation (BESC) for your reference. 

Below it you can also find the Frequently Asked Questions pages prepared by Taguig City and provided to us by BESC.

Frequently Asked Questions (prepared by Taguig City)

Designated Smoking Areas

Bonifacio Estate Services Corporation has announced 11 Designated Smoking Areas (DSA). We found 6 of them.

[August 2018 Update: the authorities have removed the DSA near MC Homes, inside Fort Entertainment Complex and 31st Parking Lot, in addition to the pocket DSAs near Bonifacio High Street.]

They are called "Temporary" DSA because they are subject to approval by Taguig City hall.

(Update: The DSA near MC Home Depot has been removed since mid July 2018.)

(Update: the DSA at The Fort Entertainment Complex was seen in July 2018, but disappeared in August 2018.)

(Update August 2018 : This DSA next to The Forum Mall was seen in August 2018)

You have questions about this law, such as how it is being implemented? Then reach out to the Taguig City Hall, for example by contacting them through their Facebook page @ilovetaguig.

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